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    You are in the lead

    With Reseller Hosting from ResellerhostingWITH, you're not limited by a shared hosting platform or restrictions on the number of plans per server.
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  • reseller hosting

    Expose your products

    You even decide the density you want on your servers, so you have total control over quality. Choose the reseller hosting plan that puts you in control.
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  • reseller hosting

    Reach the new hights

    Reseller hosting with cPanel and WHM lets website owners create custome hosting packages and manage users.
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    It runs your business

    Starting your own online business? With ResellerhostingWITH's Reseller Hosting you can start your online business today with all the tools you need to succeed!
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Wide Range of Reseller hosting

  • reseller hosting

    Hosting Reseller

    Whether you plan to start your own hosting company, or you are just looking for a large site that can handle all of your needs, a reseller hosting package is the answer. There are several advantages that you will have.

    Master reseller hosting

    Master Reseller

    The vast majority of your typically want nothing to do with the day to day maintenance and operation. This is where the master reseller hosting in our services. While you could acquire managed hosting services from a top tier web host directly.

    alpha reseller hosting

    Alpha Reseller

    You benefits to offer reseller services without incurring the high VPS costs and without needing to have any server management skills. The pricing and packages is realistic in order to be able to sustain the business model.

    vps hosting

    Hosting VPS

    VPS hosting solution provides various immediate and direct advantages when compared to a dedicated or shared web host. For increased performance, control and security prefer choosing VPS hosting solution today.

  • reseller hosting

    Dedicated Server

    Big dedictaed server which has been split into smaller VPS. Current and past experiences with dedicated server providers, bandwidth, and server performance. Fully Managed Dedicated Servers.

    reseller hosting

    Windows Reseller Hosting

    Start your own hosting business with Windows Reseller Hosting. We're proud to announce all new Windows reseller hosting plans supporting ASP.NET, PHP, MS SQL Server 2012 and MySQL databases

    reseller hosting

    Shared Hosting

    We often encounter customers inquiring about whether they should stick with shared web hosting or switch to a reseller account. We recommend a shared hosting solution for reasonable cost.

Reseller Hosting Plans

With Reseller Hosting from ResellerhostingWITH.com, you are not limited by a shared hosting platform or restrictions on the number of plans per server. We give you the power to build your own virtual private server and the number of plans you want to sell.


$ 2
63 monthly
  • Sell Shares Hosting
  • 25 Gb Storage
  • Unlimited Users
  • 500 Gb Bandwith
  • Setup Instantly!
  • FREE End-User Support


$ 4
30 monthy
  • Sell Reseller Hosting
  • 50 Gb Storage
  • Unlimited Reseller Accounts
  • 500 Gb Bandwith
  • Setup Instantly!
  • FREE End-User Support


$ 5
00 monthly
  • Sell Master Reseller
  • 100 Gb Storage
  • Unlimited Master Reseller
  • 500 Gb Bandwith
  • Setup Instantly!
  • FREE End-User Support


$ 6
80 monthly
  • Your Virsual Server
  • 15 Gb Storage
  • 512MB Ram
  • 300 Gb Bandwith
  • Sell Unlimited Shared/Resellers
  • Free Hosting Control Panel